Last Paddle of Year

Nothing really out of the ordinary for my last paddle of the year.
38°, low wind, dark
Just my ‘walk around the block’ paddle (St Johns river).
Did notice that the green barrel buoy #81 was out (was working yesterday). Wonder if there’s a place to report this (coast guard website?). Not too important, it is upstream a bit of the major shipping.
And then, south side of I95 bridge (downtown Jax), I heard, then saw the dissappearing fin of a dolphin. Rather late in the year to be seeing them up this far (20 miles upstream of ocean). I’ll regularly see them at mile 10 (Dames Pt bridge) this time of year, but don’t remember seeing them in late Dec or Jan this far up (water temp 58°).

Another year of the Petrel Play being the most used yak of the pack. Mostly because it’s a fun boat and very light (have a long walk to the water). (in the ribbon chart - the higher mile kayak ‘floats’ to the top - the red is the Petrel Play, blue is the Illusion - used mostly for the weekend long paddle)


“Light” is GOOD!!! I went out yesterday just after the low tide. Still a 100 yard plus carry. The Sterling Progression was SO MUCH easier to carry than the shorter but heavier (by 15 plus lbs) Dagger Stratos!


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