Late Addition to Canoecopia Schedule!

Hi all! Just want to let you know about an additional presentation I’ll be giving on Friday at Canoecopia that is not in the printed show schedule. It’s entitled,[ “Packing the Perfect ‘Oh Sh!t Kit’: A Murphy’s Law Adventure Guide.”]( " “Packing the Perfect ‘Oh Sh!t Kit’: A Murphy’s Law Adventure Guide.”") I’ll be discussing the contents of my frequently-used emergency kit, as well as key additions to a first aid kit. In addition to some good safety info, I’ll share a few stories about why I tend to need these more than the average paddler! (I may be the only person to sever an ACL while kayaking! See photo for proof!) :smile: Come say hello! I’ll be presenting from 5:30-6:15 pm on Friday in the Killarney Room of the Clarion Hotel. I’ll also present on Saturday, from 4:30-5:15 pm on Saturday in the Voyageur Room. Hope to see you there!