late model Tempest 170

Does anyone know if there have been any changes in the hatche covers and skeg boxes of the Tempest 170s built after 2006?

VCP hatches
Is this a pro? The composite models changed from Wildy hatches to VCP hatches right about that time. My mom’s 165 is a 2005, and it has the old Wildy hatches. I don’t know if they changed to VCP on the rotomolded versions as well.

The seat and foot peg position
on plastic Tempest 170 supposedly changed somewhere in the second half of the '07 model production. That gives about 4" or so more legroom.

I fit in the '08 models as they are (at least the two I paddled), don’t fit in the '07 (at least in the one I bought sight unseen) without moving the seat/foot rail a couple of inches back/forward respectively from where they come from the factory.

Don’t know if there are any other changes or not…

I thought they changed to kayaksport hatches?

what they said except…

Composites have Kajaksport hatches NOT VCP.

Footpeg placement was standardized and increased by between 1.5 and 4 inches depends on the older boat.

skeg stays the same exceppt for the tube insert fitting on the composite. this took place just recently.


Oops, I should have said poly
I’m looking at differences between the poly 2006 and the poly 2008. It looks like the skeg box and the hatch covers are still the same on the 2008 and 2009 poly 170s, but the seat location has moved aft 4". Did I get it right?

It’s the perfect boat for me, just curious if there may be a compelling reason so I can justify to my SO that I want to trade up.

seat position is the same. and with the poly version quite adjustable. most folks who adjust them find 1/2 - 1 " aft placement helps with longer legs.

what we changed was how we standardize the footbrace placement. for a while they were put in at a number of different locations, a few as far as 4" shorter than maximum would allow. we now put them to the max setting and allows for longer legs.

seat adj and fwd pegs allow more thigh room and longer legs. poet and did’t know it


Right. Kajak Sport. My bad. Just so they aren’t using those dang Wildy hatch covers anymore. :slight_smile:

aha, i just found this
an undated pr from Confluence, for Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

• Push-On Hatch Covers

! Make accessing gear easier than ever

! Replaces KajakSport covers

! New oval cover design and rim shape

! Updated round covers

! Improved fit for a water-tight seal

! Easier to put on and remove

! On Tsunamis, Zephyrs and Tempests

! Available starting Oct. 15, 2008

I’m hoping this is referring to the Poly 170?


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new hatches!

will be hard to find 'em at first as there is lots of old ones still out there!

outta curiosity...where did you see this?


google, where else?:slight_smile:
try this link, top of third page, found it while googling Dagger Alchemy 14.0L

existing rims?
Would the new hatches (not the kajaksports) fit on existing Tempest rims? If so, that’d be great!

but that would be great.

the new hatches need the new rims. requires us to grind off the ol’ rims and weld on the new ones (on the molds that is)


I ordered my new T170 today
at Appomattox River Company, Farmville, Virginia…they had two on order but I wanted a red one so they upped their order for me, should be here in 2-3 weeks, just in time for February vacation in the South:)

soundz like you’re all set!

have FUN!


Tempest 170 - Longer Legs

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I have read in these blogs that the 08 model Tempest 170 has foot braces standardised and moved forward, giving between 1-1/2" to 4" more leg room depending on year of old boat.
My wife owns an 06 Tempest 170 and I love it. Unfortunately, I am using the front bulk head as a foot brace.
My question is... What is the measurement in the 08 model from the foot surface of the foot braces at maximum extension to the centre of the back of the seat. To fit in, I need about 49-1/4". Will I fit in the 08 Tempest 170? I don't want to have one imported only to find out that I can't fit in it.

seat position
the forward footbrace is right up against the b/h. the important measurement for YOU is the seat position.

In the roto version the seat can move aft up to 2" and makes a huge difference in footroom, leg length and such.

The 4 bolts that hold the seat in can be removed and the seat slide aft. Then re-drill the seat, NOT the deck for the mounting bolts. Hardest part is getting the nuts off (no dirty pun intended!)

good luck!