Late Oct Outfitters in MN


Im leading an weekend long canoe trip just outside BWCA in late October and am having trouble finding outfitters in that area who still rent stuff that late in the season. I need three canoes, and very basic camping gear for six people. Any ideas for oufitters would be great! Thanks, TDG

Tried Sawbill Outfitters??

Nope, I’ll give them a try, Thanks.

Be careful
The fact that your group needs rental canoes and equipment makes me wonder if you’re leading rookies on a very late season trip. I canoed on the Kawishiwi, Lake One, Two… chain on Wednesday and surface temps were already down to 54F. Last night there were snow flurries in Ely. If there are no Indian summer days between now and the end of this month, you will likely experience water temps in the low 40F’s. Be very careful out there, especially if you have folks in your group with just their paddlers’ learner permits…