Latex and the Chrome Dome.....

I’m looking at getting a dry suit soon, and with a shaven head I was wondering if getting a gasket over my head will be difficult? Do any of you p-netters have any input on this? Is it worth looking at some of the suits with a neoprene neck? Thanks! Everyone have a great week.

baby powdered head
talc and it should slide.

Better wear a skullcap!

easier than hair
what kayamedic said

Off and on I’ve had a shaved head too and never had any problem all (other than normal tightness) getting the neck gasket on. It’s no different than your hands or feet afterall.

Bill H.

Neck seal
The reason neck seals get replaced most often is because of the ratio of stretch needed to make it over your head and to fit the neck. A Kokatat rep once told me this is why they don’t use silicone - because it doesn’t have the stretch and recovery of latex.

If you’re not built like ET you’ll be fine like everyone else

Avoid baby powder
Avoid baby powder or other cosmetic powders. They contain oils and fragrances that can degrade latex.

Use unscented talcum powder if you can. It’s hard to find in stores. Dive shops sometimes have it, one brand is Trident Wetsuit Ease. Available from Amazon if you can’t find it locally.

Chrome dome
Avoid the baby powder. As a previous post explained, the added fragrance & stuff will deteriorate the neck seal. Unscented talcum powder works great, as does plain baking powder. Baking powder works great and is very cheap. Put it in a shaker bottle. My favorite way is to put it in an old sock and keep the sock in a ziplock bag. The resulting powder bag is easy to use.

A daguerreotype woyt a thousand woyds…


And here’s another idea
You might be able to find “tire talc” at a place that sells automotive supplies. Tire talc is used to make inner tubes inside a tire slide into place with less binding during inflation. They wouldn’t but any “extras” in tire talc.

old fashioned
Whatever happened to spit?

not much contact
When I put the gasket over my head, I stretch it out with the four fingers of each hand inserted into the gasket along the sides of my head. The gasket doesn’t touch the sides of my head at all, and it touches the front and back only lightly. I think Kayak Academy recommends some variation of this method. So maybe you won’t need any lubricant at all.


This is simple, speaking as a guy who periodically shaves his head. Hold the latex neck gasket open with your hands as you pull it over your melon. For those of you with hair, I offer the same advice, after replacing torn gasket belonging to people who just yanked it over their heads.


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ok. maybe that is a little bit inappropriate. :)


dip your head in pail of 303
slide that puppy right on