Latex neck gaskets & Stohlquist

Right now I have a Kokatat drysuit which of course has a latex neck gasket. I get some minor irritation from the neck gasket.Was wondering if anyone has used the Stohlquist Amp Drysuit which has some kind of neoprene coating over the latex. Wondering if this would stop my neck irritation.Oh I don’t like the reviews on Kokatats semi drysuit plus I like to roll. So hoping to keep a suit that has a dry neck seal.

I don’t think iam allergic to latex as the wrist gaskets don’t bother me at all. If I do decide on trying this Stohlquist Amp Drysuit do you think a fair price for my Kokatat goretex suit in very good condition be worth around $350? Bought it used and replaced all seals when I had it checked out, seals are 2 years old. Not sure what model this is has no tunnel that mates to spray skirt.

Get a NoNo and remove all the hairs
from your neck.

been wondering if that would work
So you have done this and it works?

not tried, but what I do
I have not tried the one you talk about. But I use bodyglide and make sure my neck is shaved appropriately (not fresh shaved - the night before) and keep the latex clean (wipe off the inside every few paddles). makes a big difference.

I do also have a neoprene neck paddling suit (dry suit, but with neorprene neck, is called paddling suit). Much more comfortable. Fit some people well, others not so well. I don’t get a lot of water in when I roll - others get soaked. Kokata does make these also.