Laughing Loon Wee Two

Anyone here build one? We’ve built one of Rob’s kayak designs from his plans and found them very clear. Looks like a good size for one or two without a lot of gear.

Rob’s canoes
I’ve looked at them too, have built one of his kayaks too, it’s pictured on his site as a matter of fact :slight_smile:

They look nice. Rob’s always been helpful, I’d call him and talk.

Bill H.

I built one about 9 years ago. It was my first stripper, the directions and tips were very informative and helpfull.

As far as the boat - it is a good tandem for two lighter paddlers, used to paddle it with my son when he was little. Two adults also work, but the freeboard is getting pretty low. It tracks surprisingly well, very stable and is a neat boat.

I also have a kneeling thwart installed and use it quite a bit for fishing solo.


Good to know.

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We're both small and light and with a 400# load limit I'm hoping that we'll be fine with a bit of gear or maybe a dog or two.
I talked to Rob yesterday and ordered the plans. :-)