launch permit in DE and MD from PA?

I live in PA close to the MD and DE borders and would like to Kayak in those states. Do I need launch permits to boat there? If so, how can I get them?

Only registration is reciprocal
Launch permits are not. Want to be legal in all 3 places, register your canoe (the big numbers on the side) in Pennsylvania.

Or try it with a launch permit and take your chances. If it were me (and it often is) I’d probably opt for the latter, depending on where I was going.

DE rules

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In Delaware registration is not required.On state land, the only launch fees would be associated with the state park entrance fee. Some of the private marinas may charge you, but you probably will not use them anyway. One or two towns I know of have lakes in the city and charge a ramp fee to boaters, but do not enforce the rule, and never ask canoes or kayaks. I sometimes go to Maryland-do not know about registration, but have had some lauch fees on the bay.

think MD is similar
no canoe/kayak registration unless you add a motor. launch fees/permits may vary by jurisdiction, check your destination at

MD in general
Maryland is confusing at best. There is no blanket registration or launch permit that will allow you to use everything in the state the way you can in Pennsylvania. It’s a mish-mash of free and pay-to-use locations.

Most launch sites on rivers are free unless you are using a state-owned launch facility. A lot of the Chesapeake Bay launch sites are free. A lot of the lakes require a use permit. For most of those, you have the option of purchasing either a single-use permit or an annual permit, but some require an annual permit.

You might consider posting the locations/launch facilities that you intend to use and ask if they require any kind of permit.