launch permits--pa

do you need one for any water in pa? or just specific waters? if so where can you get them and how much are they?

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launch permit- pa
Ramps in PA state run parks require a state launch permit. Locations to purchase from are listed by county on the PA Fish and Boat Commission web site.

Ramps in county run parks may require a seperate launch permit. Bucks county does.

Move to Texas, don’t need no
stinking launch permits or to register paddle craft, yet…

No expert, but…
From my understanding, you don’t need a permit to have a paddle craft in the water - you just need one to GET it in the water. In other words, if you use a state maintained public ramp for put-in or take-out, you need a state permit. If you’re using private put-ins and take-outs, you would not need a permit just to be on the water.

That said, the Pennsylvania maintained ramps are pretty nice and probably worth the user fee of $10/year. We have a county ramp nearby that’s $2 per use - so $10/year for unlimited use isn’t bad.

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10 bucks is cheap
to help support maintinace of the ramps in PA. As Derek said, PA has some really nice ramp/access points, especially on the Lower Susqy. VA’s tend to be just a dirt parking lot with a loe spot on the bank that you may…or maybe NOT beable to get a boat launched off a trailer. A few are concrete, but not even half fall into that category. I’d be happy to pay the 10 bucks in VA if I knew I was going to have a nice, well-maintained parking lot and ramp when I got to the access point.

Not that I ‘need’ one with Loon 111…but it would still be nice.

launch permits
no 10 bucks isn’t a lot for that pleasure, so i’m guessing that you can get a permit where the state/county waters are?

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Here in Texas, the state ramps come out
of the fishing fees and motor boat registration fees. Maybe its different for some, but I really don’t like to launch my kayaks from a ramp, prefer to do so from the shore, less damage to the plastic from the ramp surface and less hassle as far as motor boat traffic. Actually, most of our ramps seem to be either Corps, Nat’l Forest, or some river authority construct. The state owned ramps are usually in a state park where you already have to pay an entry fee.

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