LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX

-- Last Updated: Mar-24-04 10:17 AM EST --

Has anyone gone paddling there? I am looking into buying property in that area. I just wondered if Lake Windmill in the Grasslands is a decent little paddling lake. It is fly fishing only, so no motor boats.

Let Me Know
I don’t know but if you find out anything I’d appreciate hearing about it since Decatur isn’t too far from me. I need some places to paddle that don’t require me to drive a long way or God forbid leave Texas!



I called the government office
and they said that the lake is 30 acres and is long and skinny. No motor boats allowed. They sending me a brochure. I am going to look at houses this weekend, so no paddling. Next weekend is the Kiamichi trip to Oklahoma with the Dallas Down River Club. Are you going to that?

A Lone Voice In the Wilderness
I am the lone ranger here in Lubbock and know zip about any activities in the Dallas area or anywhere else. I know it’s not your “job” but if you could let me know how to get in touch with the Dallas group, I am willing to make the 6 hour drive. That grasslands thing sounds great! I do some lakes around here (yes there is water) but as summer gets here the jet skis and powerboats look at me like an alien who doesn’t belong or some kid in a toy. Enough whining. Thanks for the grasslands info and anything else you know of I’d love to hear about it.


Dallas DownRiver Club…

They are a really nice bunch of people. I didn’t check the website for the Kiamichi trip, but it’s probably posted there. If not, contact me because I think I got an email about it, and I can forward it to you.

BTW…you aren’t the only paddler in Lubbock. I can put you in touch with someone there if you are interested in local paddle/fishing friends.


Must be tiny
I remember Black Creek Lake and Cottonwood Creek Lake being barely big enough to paddle, but plenty big if you are fishing. Everything else I’ve seen there was tank-sized.

The two arms on the north end of Lake Bridgeport are terrific to paddle and have plenty of fish as well. You have to check that out.

Here’s another paddling club
in the DFW area that is very active! They are always going to PK lake out in that direction to!