Leaking hatch covers

I recently purchased a 1995 Wilderness Experience Sealution II. It is a plastic model with hard hatch covers held in place with straps. The hatches are far from waterproof.

I was thinking of gluing some pliable foam to the bottom of the covers so they can conform to the hatch. Has anyone tried this? What kind of foam did you use and where did you find it?

Does anyone have any other solutions?

I’m also considering a 6-8" day hatch/bag system. What kinds do you recommend?

Thanks for any and all input!

Sub cover
I’m trying to remember if the Sealution had the stretchy fabric cover that went over the hatch before the cover.

I had one briefly many years ago.

A dealer might remember or have some laying around.

Agree with above
Those systems typically came with an inner neoprene cover that kept things drier. I suspect the orignal covers wwere shot and that is why you did not get them with the boat. The manufacturer might be able to send you new ones.

Yes, they had sub-covers. Were really dry with them. Sorry.

Snap Dragon
Check with them for neoprene sub-covers for hatches. They have lots of patterns for boats dating back many years. I’d be surprised if they can’t help.

WS neoprene hatch covers
I recall that the WS neoprene hatch covers were a pain to put on, and not really all that dry anyway.

I would be inclined to get this:


Put it on the rim around the opening and fasten the ends with contact cement.

If it doesn’t work you’ll only be out $7 and can try something else.

Neoprene inner covers work great
when made correctly. Check this link out to see if it works for you.


Thanks for the info…
I’m thinking of making my own neoprene covers. I was thinking of tracing the hatch, cut the neoprene 2-3" larger, fold it over some shock cord and use contact cement to glue it.

Has anyone done something similar? I could also make an inexpensive cockpit cover the same way.

Neoprene hatch cover
I’ve made a couple of homemade hatch covers with other materials, and my by best guess now is that I should have made a neoprene hatch cover to begin with.

Neoprene seems like overkill for a cockpit cover, unless you’re re-using an old wetsuit (or an old spray skirt) for material. If that’s the case, you could do that for practice before making the hatch cover.

Nylon with a drawstring can also be
an economical solution to stop most leakage. Use an old tent fly or raincoat. Coat with more sealer if you want a more robust solution.

Homemade Neoprene Hatch Covers
Can you detail how you made your covers? I am in the process of re-fixing several (12) of our hatch covers that the elastic has been worn out. During my first attempt to fix them, I sewed an extra loop around them to hold new bungee, but forgot to stretch the fabric and ended up with the covers not stretching.

So I am back to square one. Any help would be great!

Snapdragon Covers
I had to replace my '92 Squall neoprene covers a few years ago and went with Snapdragon. Great fit and fast service!