Leaking Kayak hatches

Purchased a Seaward Aurora a while back but had some apprehension over the hatch covers. I asked the owner if they leaked any and he assured me they didn’t. The hatch covers are held in place by bungee deck cord with a rubber gasket around the hatch cover itself. It does not come with a secondary neoprene hatch cover nor does the opening have a lip to add a neoprene cover under the hatch cover. Seaward now includes neoprene hatch covers in addition to the outer shell in their boats. Yesterday, I spent a few hours on the lake practicing my roll and exit/re-entry, more time out of the boat than in it. By the end of the day, I had quite a bit of water (about 3 cups each maybe more) in both hatches.

Three questions:

1.Spending allot of time underwater will all hatch covers leak to some degree?

2.Is there any rubber gasket product out there I can glue in place around the hatch opening with the intentions of providing a rubber on rubber seal?

3.Possible to add strap type closures in addition to the bungee cords?

I did contact Seaward early on with my concerns and they told me to tighten the cords in place which I did. Also the hatch gaskets look like they are fine. Thanks.

try shims under shock cords above the seal join or inboard of the hatch perimeter…

larger diameter cord

a different pattern http://goo.gl/UsWtdC

if ‘cover’ adds to the search phrase ‘kayak hatch shock cord bungee’ then hardware is located.

Eyeing the hatch perimeter and hull opening edge for warps and shrinks, rough spots, grundge…is essential.

When the hatch is mounted, press down on the perimeter with fingers/hand…feel what area gives and what is seated. Give areas need shimming.

3 cups ? Most of us would go home pleased with 2 cups.

If you want a neoprene layer, glue one on with Weldwood rubber contact cement also used for the rubber gasket. I’m trying 3M rubber adhesive but haven’t paddle since glueing…

McMaster Carr online sells a rubber hose variety if your gasket is hosed.

Straps here are what my Solstice has holding well fitted, unwarped hatch covers on.

Leakage for rolling practice is in the 3 cup range.


I imagined round rubber covers on round hatches are a step up from straps then poster reported needing new covers at an inopportune time, from cover ageing and circumference stretch.

Then problem arises is the new cover an exact fit for the old hatch ad nauseum