Leaking Sealine Baja Deck Bag

Just bought a Baja Deck Bag about a month ago. Have used it three times in pretty calm conditions. Although Sealine does not claim it is waterproof, I get lots (I mean lots) of water in the bag itself. Anyone else have this problem? Did I get a defective deck bag? Thanks for your response.

just what are you useing it as a PFD? are you closing it correctly? Fold it over a couple of times then snap it closed? I have never had problems with any of mine.

Deck bag, …moist bag.
If this is the type with a zipper then yes, it’s going to be moist. Wildwasser makes a Deck Pilot and a Console bag that have rolltops and they definitely are water tight (provided you close the roll top). Watershed also makes an excellent watertight zipper bag.

Might be worth it if you need bombproof waterproofness.



Baja Deck Bag
I have used the Baja and didn’t like it. You’re right, the zipper leaks. The problem is that the rest of the bag doesn’t. So, when you get some water in it, it stays! If its not going to be waterproof, then it should at least have drainage holes. I use a Gaia deck bag now. It has the roll up closure and works well.

Well, at least I am not losing my mind. Thanks for the referral to another type deck bag. The “baja” does hold the water in the bag and like you, I had to work on drying it out. The zipper must be the culprit!

Mine leaks too
On my first trip in my new 'yak last April, I got my also-being-brand-new “Seattle Afoot and Afloat” guide all soggy - took weeks to dry out.

Now I generally don’t put anything in it that can’t stand wetness. Hadn’t thought about drilling drain holes, I’ll have to consider it.

One mod I did make to it: not liking the lack of any attachment points inside the thing, I drilled a hole in the plastic stiffener sheet that holds the shape of the bag, and put a loop of accessory cord thru it. Now I can clip stuff to that, inside the bag, and don’t have to worry it’ll get out whilst I’m rummaging around in there (like my camera or GPS when I’ve got 'em stowed in there instead of in use on deck).

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