Leaky Heritage Hatches

I bought a second hand Heritage Expedition with two 10" hatches, i think the brand name is Viking. They leak. I was just wondering if anybody else had any experience with this. The seal looks like it would be reasonably water tight. I was just wondering if people had more trouble with it sealing around the cap or around the exterior part of the hatch where it is bolted down. If that was the case I could un bolt it, remove the existing weather strip and lay a bead of silicone around the hatch maybe? if that’s not the case, how would I go about sealing up the hatch cover? is there replacement gaskets available? thanks for any reply.

Leaking Viking Hatches…
They usually leak around the outside ring where it is bolted into the boat first thing to do is to put silicone around it both outside and inside the kayak and over the bolts inside and on the outside. That stopped any trouble I had.

Mine were not leaking a huge amount though. Also check that there is not grit on the O-ring of the hatch seal, seat the hatch and give it about 1/8 of a turn before you clamp it down.