Leaky QCC Hatch

This may be a retread topic, but the hatches on my QCC 500 tend to leak when I’m rolling a lot. I think they’re leaking through the hatch covers, not the bulkheads from my cockpit. I haven’t called Phil yet; thought I’d troll for some advice here first.

Several People Have
reported leaky QCC hatches. I have a 600 and a 700. The 700 has never leaked to my knowledge. The 600’s both leaked. Looking at the way QCC sealed the hatches on my two they are differant. Anyway on close inspection a small gasket glued to the perimeter of the larger gasket was loose at several places around the gasket. I reglued these smaller gaskets and it seems ok now.


One solution
is to simply quit rolling. My QCC never leaks because I never roll. :slight_smile:

Stay after Phil
Two years , two hatch covers and several types of rim foam, and I think it is finally right.



Just to know
What type of rim foam do you refer? I have an extra hatch that has the rim foam peeling off, what would you use to stick it back?

I had trouble with my 700
Especially when there were waves breaking over the bow. I tied a bungee across the deck lines just forward of the hatch to break the waves before the hit the edge of the hatch. I also put d-style weatherstrip un the underside of the hatch to correspond to the flat areas on the deck. This stops a lot of water from setting on top of the gaskest till it finds a way through. I still get a little water in when rolling but if I’m careful to seat the hatches firmly there’s less than 2 cups inside after several rolls.


I have a 600 that would take on a cup or so of water in the back hatch after rolling and rescue practice. It turned out, after replacing the gaskets to no avail, that water was coming in through the tube for the skeg control rope. Augh! I replaced that cheesy setup with the SeaLine rudder control, as per Greyak’s directions, and the leak is now down to a tablespoon or two. If you have a skeg, see what you can do about that tube.


I would use …
contact cement (weldwood). Follow the directions on the can.

I have used it for lots of different applications including the foam.

Marine Goop is also good, but it is too thick for you application.



never thought about the skeg tube…
The rear hatch is where most of the leakage occurs. That sounds like the culprit. Otherwise, it sounds from above like a small amount of leakage is normal w/ rolling.

Thanks for helping.


If you have the skeg…
… do this on shore. Turn the kayak over and fill the skeg box with water. Watch as it magically disappears - right into the rear hatch!

There is nothing to stop it. Any water in the skeg box will drain in. The more you roll, the more you get. Some enters through the side tube too.

After my fix - almost nothing in the rear hatch, no matter how many rolls. Note how I now have a continuous sealed tube running through the rear compartment:


The other bonus is exact skeg control and no slipping cord.