Leaky rim in Valley Etain

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Hi all,

I would like to find out if any of you had to deal with a leaky rim on a polyethylene kayak.

I bought a new Etain last August and, since a few weeks, it has developed a nasty leak in the stern hatch rim. I made a small vid: https://youtu.be/ygRwIBITwK4

I guess the way to repair it is to remove the rim, clean out the old glue and bind again using Sikaflex 292 or a similar product.

I wonder if any of you could advise me on how to remove the rim? I read that, depending on which material was used to bind it to the deck, the job can be easier or tougher. For instance some Sikaflex products can be "softened" with heat.

Thanks in advance!

The common removal methods are…
Work a thin blade between the deck and rim and work it all the way around.

Feed a steel wire between the deck and rim and pull it around, using a back-and-forth sawing action.

Thank you!
Thank you very much BNystrom, I’ll give it a go and post the results.

warranty coverage?

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Isn't that covered under the warranty of the kayak as you said you bought it new last August. I would be very upset if that's not covered under warranty.

Yes, I got in touch with the dealer and they accepted to do the repair without cost. Despite this, they admitted that it was the first time they would replace a rim on a polyethylene kayak. This and the fact that it will take them several weeks until they can get on with the repair made me consider to do it myself.