Leaky skeg slider

My wife’s Tempest 165 Pro gets water in the cockpit through the skeg slider. What’s the procedure for fixing this?



Leaky Slider
How much water is getting in? I’ve seen cases where people thought water was leaking through the slider but actually it was a different area. If it is leaking from the slider you can do an easy seal with Lexel- which is a clear silicon sealant which can be purchased at the hardware store. If you have more of a crack, get some fiberglass resign and fiberglass tape and do a minor repair. It’s pretty easy.

It’s at the slider, for sure…
I can’t tell if the water is coming in around the box, or is it following the tube. There are no obvious cracks, so maybe I’ll try the Lexel approach.

Thanks for the help!


what I did
The cheezy plastic around the slider distorted on my T-165 and separated from the deck. I used a heat gun and more or less pushed it back into shape then sealed around the edge with aqua seal. Have to redo the seal every couple of years.