Leaning forward during the catch

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Do you lean forward a bit during the catch phase of the stroke?

Is this appropriate, inappropriate, or paddler specific?

it wold make more sense
to get that extension from a slippery seat and rotating on it with leg effort. Fore/aft torso movement would introduce a corresponding aft/fore kayak movement.

It would be a little like wasting energy bobbing up and down while sitting on a bicyle.

Whether or not it’s the right thing to do, when I’m pouring it on and boogie-ing, I lean a bit forward and highstick to almost vertical. Gets the job done I want doing even whether or not it’s good form by the book.

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I lean forward at the catch, stroke and finish. The shaft never crosses over the cockpit.

When I’m just lillydipping along, I lean back and enjoy the scenery.

not really
But I do make sure I’m sitting upright and not reclining in any way.

that makes sense
I read it to mean that he leaned each time at the catch, with the implication that he’s bobbing back on the release.

Usually the only time I do
any leaning forward is when I’m pulling back on the paddle. It is more of a stomach crunch when I’m trying to get maximum speed using a high stroke and coupled with body rotation and pushing down and across with the top hand. This is with a greenland paddle so I’m not sure how it would transfer over to other types of paddles.

Not bobbing Lee- I lean a little during
the other phases of the stroke also when I want to move quickly.

I was unclear in the initial post.

If you maintain an upright posture you will be able to windup and unwind that torso where the real power is. If you have your torso properly wound and then you bend forward you actually loose some of that windup and loose some power in the stroke. Try it.

I do
when I am racing.

Don’t know if it is right or wrong, but never the less I do.




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thanks, yeah,, a slight lean foreward. I think it transmits the vectors better than straight vertical. But I don't think it's something you have to make happen as much as a consequnce.

get any of the foreward stroke videos by racers. A real eye opener as to what is meant by rotation.

Thanks Lee- I have most of the forward
stroke videos: Reitz, Foster and Barton. I haven’t watched them recently but I can’t recall if they said anything about a lean (I think they are all pretty upright). I’ll watch again.

I thought I once saw a GP video (can’t recall which) where the lean was fairly pronounced. If so, don’t know if it translates to a Euro.

Agree Jack. I don’t race but sometimes
I feel like turning it on a bit and a lean feels pretty natural. However, there are differing and assertive thoughts as noted by kkaykk and seakak above.