Leaning Kayak

OK, I took some of your advice and put the Kodiak in a pool. When totally empty there is a lean to the left of about 3 to 5 degrees. Not to bad, but with my limited experience, I just don’t know if I should be concerned and take it back, or if all kayaks will lean a little bit one way or the other. I turned it over and inspected the bottom, and it looked perfectly straight and symmetrical to me. What are your thoughts.

Some kayaks with
a “V” shaped bottom will lean to the side when empty and not moving. However they will lean equally well to either side depending on which way you tip them before letting go. If your kayak always leaned to the left even if you started it out leaning to the right before you let go of it then I would say you have a problem and should take it back.

If you just put it in the water once and saw it leaning left without trying to see if you could get it to lean right as well then I would suggest you need to repeat the test. I would also try to get someone to check out the lean with you sitting in the kayak and with the kayak empty to see if there is more lean with you in the kayak. This could indicate a problem with seat tilt or seat not being centered.

I had an kayak where the skeg tube got pinched under the seat flange on one side. This made the seat tilt (lower on skeg tube side). It was very minor but I did notice the lean in the kayak. When I had some skeg problems I discovered the situation and once I could get both sides of the seat pulled up evenly to the deck that minor tiltling went away.

Good luck and let us know the outcome.


My suggestion would be to
tape a can of Beanee Weenees to the starboard side and

Paddle on