Learning more about my Penobscot's past!

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Every once in a while I get to wondering about her. I mean, I really don't know that much about her but clearly she's been around.

She's a Penobscot 16 Royalex...and she's beautiful to glide through the water.

I've only been paddling her for four years now, but with her being around since '96 clearly there was more to her.

Sure, the guys at Old Town provided me with some background info using the serial number I provided...but...there's a nagging question I can't seem to find an answer to.

You see, she has a middle seat. She's the only one I've seen with this kind of a set up...and well it just perplexes me.

I'm displaying a few photos of her (or please view my gallery of her), so...if anyone knows anything about her...about her type...well, I'm just trying to understand her as best I can.

Looks like I can't post photos from my gallery....but here's from my blog.


Clearly needing help from Colorado's Continental Divide...


I don’t know what you mean by her type
Third seats can be added to most any tandem. Its a do it yourself project for many…

Old Town might not have anything to do with it as it could have been an aftermarket project.

its rare to have a used boat that has NOT been altered to meet the owners needs.

As kayamedic said…
a previous owner modified your Penobscot. The middle seat and the contoured bow seat are not factory.

I understand -
it is interesting to think about where a canoe has been during its life. I have one canoe that I purchased new in 1979. It is pretty beat now. But still seaworthy. It has taken me to many beautiful and remote places and suffered through my effort as a young man to learn to paddle whitewater. I know where every bump, ding and scrap came from. Great memories. I think about wonderful places every time I pass by that canoe hanging in my garage.

I have a Penobscot that …
I’ve owned for 14 years, and it has seen a lot of miles and memories. It may one day to get to the point it isn’t paddleable anymore, but I’ll never get rid of it.