Learning technique

I started out about 6 years ago with my first kayak. Used to canoe before that, haven’t been back in one since, but… Anyway, have a CD Squamish, want to learn better technique and stuff and get a “final” (yeah right) kayak in the next few years.

The family isn’t too into wanting to go on long trips or anything, so I don’t have any association as of yet with skilled kayakers. I would consider myself a beginner, I’ve never taken lessons or anything, but I have the endurence to paddle pretty much all day. Recently got a spray skirt and was working on taking it over as far as I could then going a little further and recovering.

Anyway, I live in SW MI and was wondering if anyone knew about or might recommend any good kayaking instruction classes. I had seen the Inland Seas school online, and was thinking about that. Thanks for any help.

Western MI
Get in touch with these folks:


Lee’s in Kalamazoo gives lessons.