Learning via WaterTank Demo's ?

Curious to know of “other” tank demo’s across the nation

or is the only guy teaching paddlesport aficionados in

this particular manner ?



River Hydrology Designs Demonstration

email: ashleysbuilding@suddenlink.net

Thanks for this

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Thanks for this info - I have a water channel in need of experiments, and the students would love to see something like this.

PS I just read that their apparatus is patent pending, and I'll proceed accordingly...

bay area model
There’s a scale model of the entire San Francisco Bay near SF. It was built by the Army corps and covers acres. It makes a great teaching tool to see the currents. My old kayak club used to do a trip there to watch the tide change.

The idea that this could possibly be patentable is laughable. Ideas have to be non-obvious to be patentable. Building scale models of waterways and testing boats in them has been going on since the time of the Pharaohs.

Re patent
I agree completely. To be fair, there could be something that merits a patent in the pumping system, but it’s doubtful.

Hydrology Visualizations

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This page had some great stuff as well,
but it is all tied to a computer and a monitor,
not the "stand alone" concept of a water tank.


I particularly liked the Flume clips and Weir Clips

Mister Bill goes whitewater …

Doesn’t have to be Foamy White

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People get in trouble without ""white"" water
all the time - heavy current is enough danger.

If a Mr. Bill approach gets the point across
to newcomers in the sport, it's a great tool.

Many forget the - 8lbs per gallon - force rule
for moving water on a creek, stream, river.
Getting clobbered by 1,000's of milk jugs each
at 8lbs a gallon is an enlightening to many paddlers.