Leash attachment points

Hi there, I after some advice.
The carry handle/leash attachment handle has snapped on the tail of my inflatable board & I have been advised by the board company that it’s ok to attach the leash to one of the metal D rings on the side of the board (about 1/3 of the way up towards the middle). Apart from this being a complete pain in the @rse, I’m thinking theres a reason why the attachment is always on the tail of the board - mainly safety, especially when using in the surf. They are insisting it’s quite common but I have never seen it before - any thoughts would be great!

Yes you want the leash to attach to the very rear of the SUP, otherwise it’s going to be in the way of your feet all the time. What brand and model did you purchase? How long have you had it? If new was there anykind of warranty given. Unfortunately most inflatable SUPs are crap. Can you post a picture of the leash attachment point? It may be possible to make a new attachment connection using different materials.