Leaving composite kayak on car top for two days a problem

I just came back from a nice paddle and leaving in two days for another. Feeling guilty leaving her on top of the car for two nights and its sunny, so put yoga mats over the hatches. HA. How long is it OK to leave a fiberglass kayak in the racks?

Shouldn’t be an issue.

In hot areas, plastic boats can get soft and tight straps cause bulges. Not an issue with composite boats.

Rain could partially fill a cockpit if upright and uncovered. But it would take a LOT of rain to actually put any water in it. Cockpit cover or storing upside down are solutions.

Theft can be a concern, but using a lock and/or choosing a safe place to park helps prevent this. Thankfully, kayaks aren’t stolen nearly as often as something like a bicycle, as the thieves probably don;t have a way to transport nor to easily sell.

Sun takes long exposures (usually years) before causing issues.

Thanks so much for responding. You relieved the guilt. She is in a safe place with a cock pit cover.

I left a composite kayak on my car for a solid month while on a road trip! Locked and with a cockpit cover, no ill effects after 5000 miles on the road.

If this is something you plan to do frequently, investing in a cable lock or locking straps will go a long way towards peace of mind.

I have been known to have a boat up there for a couple weeks because I was paddling after work more often than not.

My wood composite and Qruiser’s fiberglass will be in the truck roof for our 5 week annual trip again this year. Your boat will be ok.

Your boat in two days.

I used to leave my Kevlar kayak with a cable lock on my truck all summer for years except when I needed to haul both step ladders and extension ladders at the same time. I was using the kayak three or more times a week. After having to pump out my boat after driving through a heavy thunderstorm, I always used a cockpit cover. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t even move it, much less lift it after unstrapping it.

Except for the gelcoat fading a bit in spite of 303®, no problems. The fading was taken care of by an annual buffing with a fiberglass restorer. The truck was parked in a heavily shaded driveway when at home.