Leaving kayak on roof rack

I am going camping in New-Jersey in a few weeks and I would like to bring my kayaks with me. I have 2 hull-a- ports on my car and I have a way of locking them. But my dilemma about bringing them along with me is the last day we are going to the beach.( I am not taking them in the ocean) And I know I am going to be parked in the sun with no shade (unless it is raining of course :-). What are the chances of denting them or oil caning the boats by letting them sit up there for a good part of the day.

Or what do you guys do if you have to leave your boats on your rack in the sun for a prolonged amount of time.



Poly - FG - KV
What are they made of? It does matter…

poly kayaks
I forgot about that part

they are poly a necky Manitou Sport and a Perception Carolina

It won’t hurt them…
Some folks leave them on top year-round, but I wouldn’t try that. Why not take them in the ocean? It can be fun if the surf allows…

I suspect most damage …
… that occurs is proportionate to the boats’ weight and the degree to which they are cinched down. I believe the design and the plastic used in Necky boats make them particularly susceptible to such denting.

If you’re just parked for a day or two, as opposed to driving around, why not simply loosen the straps and maybe insert some old towels or blankets, etc. between the boats and the racks? That’s what I do when parking for several hours in the sun, or even overnight.

Good Luck!

Loosen the straps
Not too much! In case the wind gets rough. And leave some kind of big sign for yourself (like on the steering wheel) to retighten the straps before you start driving again.

Whenever I leave my kayak on the cradles (on a trailer), I loosen the straps a bit. For my plastic kayak, I sometimes turn it upside-down on the cradles. I’d rather have the deck get dented than the hull. Hasn’t been a problem as long as it’s on cradles, though.

Remove Them
If you’re worried just lay them in the shade of your vehicle and use a cable to secure them.

good ideas
Thanks everybody there are some good ideas. I like loosening the straps and using some towels as padding. I guess as long as they are not tight against the rack and the weight is evenly distributed I should be ok.

I can’t really leave them next to the car it is going to be labor day weekend and I think it just might be a tad crowded at lots near the beach (btw it is not my idea to hit the beach labor day weekend) another reason why I am not going to take the kayaks in the ocean too many people.

Nothing realy

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My boat stays on top year round and i have had no problems. if you are worried about oilcanning loosin the straps when you know it will sit for prolonged time in the sun.just remember to tighten them back before you take off.