LED lantern ???

Anyone have one of these LED lanterns? They look interesting, just looking for your experience with these and recommendations or admonishments. thanks

P.s. I was looking that the Brunton Glorg on Campmor’s site


area lights and camping
I prefer juryrigging a flashlight or headlamp as an area light if I’m really camping,if it’s car camping somthing with killer area lighting like a gas lamp or big 6v lamp pointing into a gallon bottle of water works.

Princeton Tec has some good headlamps/flashlights running on 3AAA or 4AA cells that will last a long time and project good area or point light depending on the model.

I haven’t seen that exact one but it’s not going to be very bright for the 250hr burn time with 4AA and for camping it’s kind of limited to being an area light.

I’d prefer any camping light to be submersible/waterproof.

Here’s one that looks interesting:


and another:


REI has one that interests me
Has anyone experienced this one?


I picked up one of those Glorbs…
about mid-season last year. Dark night, fire down to coals, and placed right, it’s just enough to keep you from tripping about the campsite. More valuable as a tent light or a site marker for finding your way back home after

toilet trips and moonlight paddles. Still glad that I’ve got it- well made, superb battery life and so far very durable.


They Look Good To Me
I have been trying to cut down on the “things” that I take kayak camping. One of the larger odd shaped things that I have been carting around is a propane lantern that runs off of the same can that runs a small burner.

Thanks for bringing up the questions and thanks for posting the links. I really like the small size and will get one before camping the next time.


Good values
as area lights those both look good…

REI light
the one at REI looks pretty intersting, I dont know which one to get yet. I like the idea but if they are not any better than the shake up LED flashlights that I got my kids for christmas I may have to look for some other alternative that will throw more light


Yes the Apex costs twice as much as the Gerber area light but the headlamp is a LOT more versatile. Set on the lowest setting the 4LEDs project good area light for a long time,no it’s not 360 but it takes many watts to get useful 360 area light. No matter what kind of bulb,LED,Halogen,XEnon, HID it takes upwards of ten watts+ before you get the light of a small gas lamp to light up 360area. Many watts requires many heavy batteries or short battery life,even with high output LEDs, watts are watts and watts over time is many batteries.

One could put the head lamp in front of a water bottle to diffuse the light more.

And at least you’d have the versatility of a head lamp, water proof headlamp and a screaming bright 3watt spotlight. I’ve used this headlight cycling to augment the bigger set up or on it’s own. For a camp light you could signal a mile away with the spot if you wanted and still have a low output area light.

My other favorite for a tent area light is the 4AAA PrincetonTec Attitude with a lanyard. Hanging from a tent it provides plenty of light and is small enough to fit into a pfd, first aid kit, kitchen, or toilet kit.

I Like The Size
and the ability to easily pack something smaller and shaped a litte less awkwardly. In terms of light, I usually keep the propane down to the lowest level possible and I dont think I would have any problems having significantly less light. I will always have my flashlight so I could use that if I need additional light.

I am going to stop by Target and see if my local store has one of the units shown in the link above.

Someone said correctly watts are watts above. A watt is a measure of power. Light is typically measured in lumins here in the US. LED’s consume many times less power to turn on as compared with an incandesant lamp. At issue in this type of application is the fact that LED’s inherently produce less light. It is a trade off. The newer technology high output LED makes up some of the differance, but also consumes more power to produce more light. Look at the battery life for the Target unit with the single high output LED and the Gerber unit which uses multiple standard LED’s. The former provides 8 hours, and the latter 40 hours. This is not a fair evaluation as the battery packs are differant, but it could be seen a a good indication.

Happy Paddling,


I have one
It’s alright for lighting up my small backpacking tent in the middle of the night so I can find what I’m loooking for. Doesn’t put out that much light for lighting up the outdoors - ie I wouldn’t count on its light to help me set up a tent in the middle of the night. It was a brookstone one, given to me.

I’m with reefmonkey
I have one. I’m not sure I’d buy it again. I think attaching your headlamp to the top of the tent interior works just as good and would cut down on the stuff you carry. It is water resistant and I attach mine to the back of my pfd when paddling at night. If it got submerged, I think it would be toast. Good luck. Franklin

Personally, I prefer a head lamp to an area light. The LED versions are great, being smaller and longer battery life. That being said, there are uses for area lights, inside the tent comes to mind. I have one of the small coleman versions. good light, with a slide up reflector that lets you carry it without the light blinding you at night. Mine has been very durable, weather proof, and $15.00 cheaper. I’m sure the model you mention is good, Brunton products are usually high quality. It’s pricier than I would want. My thoughts, for whatever its worth