Lee Boards

With my new to me Perception kayak just about set up for sailing, I have a question about lee boards. I would enjoy sailing my boat on a beam reach without giving up a lot of leeway. I’ve seen plenty of DIY lee boards, most of them beautiful.
I have no desire or patience to build a set of lee boards.
Are there any manufactures who have already addressed the need and offer one? My searches have turned up empty.

Does that boat have a rudder?

Yes it does.

I plugged in Leeboards for kayaks on google and got a few dozen hits for people selling them. There were even some composite carbon ones.

Thank you Craig. I don’t normally use Google’s search engine, so when I switched over found lots of them.
The one that interests me the most is the “Throw Leeboard”. It’s packable, easy to make and uses physics to keep it in place. It may require an additional line to hold it fore & aft vertical but finding the correct center of effort location should be a snap. It’ll be on my list of this year’s projects.