Leery about trying a gel-coat repair?

Paddling pal Lynda-Marie did her first repair on the hull of her beloved Slipstream, have a look at the results!


Beautiful job Lynda-Marie
So, when are you going to build a kayak?


Great job!



Wow!! first time and you’re a pro
I probably do 4 or 5 repairs a year and none look as good as yours.

In the Webshots album you mentiond problems dealing with CD, please tell us more.

Nice work
It’s really not difficult, is it?

For those who may be thinking of trying it but want a bit more hand-holding through the process, my Webshots album on the subject is at:


You gave me insperation to attack
my Kajak Sport Vivianne myself this winter! Go figure… the ONE time I am too tired after a night paddle to put the boat up in the garage, I put it up against the outside garage wall till morning, and in the night winds a BIG limb drops out of an ajoining tree JUST hitting the keels outer edge on the rear upsweep. The resulting impact also cracked 3-4" of seam tape on the opposite side of the hull. Have done the ‘duck tape thing’ for too long also, time to fix it. Good job!

sisters r doin’ it 4 themselves
go girrrlll! Beautiful work on a beautiful kayak.

It’s really too bad the Slipstream is no longer made, which makes it all the better to have the skill to repair your own.

Dealings with Current Designs
Well it is a long story but here is the quick rundown. For those who know me, know that I love my boat (Slipstream by Current Designs). This was my first fiberglass boat and I only got in the spring so when it dropped on some rocks (yes, my own fault) I was devastated! I first tried to find some gel-coat locally but I could not find any so I thought I would give the maker of my boat a try as I did not know who else to try. I contacted CD via email back in August about my dilemma. I was told via email that I could order a couple of gel coat repair kits from them (had some scratches on my deck as well from a surf landing). I called CD in August and ordered 2 kits (white for my hull and mango for my deck). PERFECT! I was getting the product right from the ones who made my boat! So I waited and waited. Three weeks later I was talking to my local dealer (whom I bought the boat from) about not receiving the product yet and he said he would look into it. I received an email the next week from CD saying that they could not ship gel-coat across the border so my order was not sent. Why did it take 4 weeks to tell me - were they ever going to tell me if my dealer did not look into it? One excuse was that they had a flood and that was why it took so long - hummmm, they knew my address when I placed the order so why didn’t they tell me then? I could have searched out other solutions during this time. CD and I exchanged MANY emails after this and I admit I was not at my best mood but neither was CD. Basically, I was told to go to an auto body shop to get it repaired (which I tried but they did not do kayaks). Sent my local dealer my CD correspondence in September and he said he would help me in getting it fixed. He was out of the area for a bit (no problem) so he emailed me again in October (8th) saying he was back and lets look into getting it fixed up. I emailed him back on the 20th and said sure, let’s give it a try. Haven’t heard a thing from him since. So, I decided I was going to have to figure out something myself if it was going to get fixed at all. After much searching online and contacting another local kayak dealer (P&H to be exact) for some suggestions, I got all my supplies I needed. All said and done… I still love my boat but not happy at all with my dealings with CD (U.S. nor locally). At least now I know I can do the job myself even though it was a BIG headache getting here.


Have 2 in stock still
if you happen to be wanting one friendlyfire. Get your glass or kevlar Slipstream right here!

Nice job - - -
So when do you want to tackle my boat??

OK - - Just kidding.

I understand your view of the CD factory. I have been trying to get info from Necky regarding materials for repair of an old fiberglass Arluk III. I’ve got a couple cracks and gelcoat to replace/repair. I’m not in a hurry as it’s snow season now in Ohio, but I would like to be ready come spring. Haven’t found a Necky dealer that knows anything about repairing this old boat, so I may have to resort to talking with the local Drag Racing community about how they do their fiberglass repairs (I’m very close to a major nation drag strip)

Thanks for the site
This was actually one of the sites I used in my quest to see how it’s done. It was one of the sites that was posted in a message in our paddling club last year. THANKS!

Age doesn’t matter
Nothing much has changed in the realm of fiberglass repairs in decades. If you have broken glass that needs repair, there is an album on that subject as well at the link in my other post.

if I could
I might :smiley:

Being a condo dweller I must adhere to my community’s restrictions re outside storage and boat storage in particular. Not that I disagree. Otherwise there would be no end to the other forms of prized clutter on our landscape. :-0

Currently, 3 kayaks live here, nicely racked up on a brick wall beneath a 24" eave, protected by a UV reflective tarp screened by some hollies and evergreens. I can access any boat in five minutes, keep them locked together to steel meter poles and protected from the sun and other weather. For much of the year you can’t even tell they are there.

If I were taller maybe I could rack a fourth on the wall :wink:


So what color are these Slipstreams :wink:

show more slipstream!

Both the same…
Smoke (white) deck over smoke hull. One has outside seam tape option in black, other the viynl ‘H’ seam. Both have inside seams glassed AND are on sale! Have pics!