Leesville Lake, Ohio

We are planning to head for Leesville Lake and try for musky this spring. Has anyone here ever fished the lake. We will be taking a canoe and a kayak.


I am an Ohio guy but I live near Dayton and fish the lakes in the SW portion of the state. I have not heard of you lake. But, I will say muskies in a canoe sound fun!!!

Talk about memories
This won’t help you, but when I was five years old, fishing out of my dad’s Grumman with a spincasting Kmart special at Leesville, I hooked a muskie. There was a boil, my line zipped out and snapped. End of story, except that I now want to catch a muskie and will make it a priority one day! My dad still tells the story 38 years later.

many years ago
My uncle had a cabin on Leesville when I was growing up, so I have fished it a couple of times. We fished out of a motor boat and we mainly fished for crappie. We did try trolling for muskies on occasion, but we never hooked into one.

I would suggest being prepared to fish for other species in addition to muskies as they are pretty hard to come by.


Leesville has become one of the premier musky lakes in the U.S. I fish mostly for muskies but I haven’t caught one from a kayak yet. That is why I was wondering if anyone else had.


Fishing on Leesville Lake is great fun from the kayak. I fish with an ultra light rod & reel for bass and pan fish. I have seen lots of muskies taken from the lake and have even hit one (no kidding) while paddling, what a rush! My fantasy is to hook one and have him drag me around the lake. I have paddled 4 days a week during summer and fall on Leesville the last 2 years and at times, during the week, never saw another boat for hours at a time. Flooding the last 2 years (lots of rain)has’nt been good for the pontooners but fun for me!!