Left Handed WW paddle needed

Yesterday I had my first ever WW paddling lesson. I’ve messed around in my Perception Method Aire in flatwater, but didn’t want to try it without company.


First thing the instructor did was appologise since he’s left handed and therefore everything he was going to show me would be backwards.

Um. Nope. I’m left handed too. HAD NO IDEA that WW paddles are either left or right.

I’m a good flatwater paddler, but this is new stuff to me.

So, experts…what do you recommend for a WW paddle that I can get left-handed. Hopefully for less than $150.


Val in CT

IMO… use the SAME orientation as your
flatwater paddle with a maybe if you like it possible variation the the feather angle i.e 45 degrees instead of 60 - 70 etc. for the touring paddle. Ask the instructor? to ‘try’ and work with you. A non-scientific poll says 90 % of all paddles built in a one piece will be right hand control…you are probably unaware of this because you already are doing it and everything is fine. If you were paddling with a left hand control paddle most all of the ones you have ever borrowed might have felt funny.

Being right minded or right handed does not matter.

Left hand paddles?.. you can call or email us if you want.

Saw me struggling with my paddle…which happened to be right handed. Handed me his paddle, which is left handed. HUGE improvement.

Suddenly it felt correct, comfortable.

I’m very left handed.

My flatwater paddles are not kept in the feathered position.

WW seems to need to be.

Get a right hand control paddle
I have yet to meet a WW paddler that used a left hand control paddle. I have, however, met many who have lost a paddle on the river and had to borrow a spare paddle. Guess what? The spare is right hand control. Be safe. It is not hard for a left handed person to use a right hand control paddle.

Using them for years
Left handed paddles are rare but work. My sprint and ww racing club all use left handled blades with wings and regular. All take aparts should be able t set up tath way as well. Patrick advice is correct on feathering.


Go 0 Degree…
no worry about left or right. Some playboaters like it because it seems to facilitate some play moves that involved flipping over and using some variation of a back deck roll. With no feather, it’s easier to go either side.



Great folks to deal with. They’ll build whatever control/length/feather you want for a reasonable price.

Werner builds custom paddles for a small charge.

how about no feathered paddle
If you’re doing whitewater, you may find that a zero degree unfeathered paddle might work for you. Zero degree is helpful for rolls and braces and down the line playboating. (I personally paddle a 30 degree offset but am thinking about zero degrees for my next paddle.)

I’m gonna check out the Mitchell…also the local place Collinsville Canoe & Kayak…on my list of places to go next week!

Okay, forgive my ignorance here…
but it seems to my engineering mind that there should be NO difference between a left and right hand paddle (in a double-ender anyway). A good symetrical paddle stroke with with a properly constructed, high-end, 2-piece paddle that can be feathered in either direction should be, and feel, no different to a righty or lefty.

So am I a total neophyte in the ways of ww-whackos? Or are you folks just victims of clever marketing? :wink:

You are right - if the paddles could be feathered. But unlike my flatwater paddles, the WW paddle is all one piece.

I’m still a baby paddler…I keep getting surprised all the time but…

I certainly AM in LOVE!

I started w/ a lefty
because my uncle, who got me started paddling a kayak, was a lefty. Since it was all I knew I had no problem adopting it.When I got back into paddling I had a hard time locating a lefty, so decided that I might be better to adjust myself to a right hand control (I’m a righty), since if I ever needed to borrow a paddle it would likely be right handed. it took only a couple of river trips to feel fully comfortable. Given the predominance of right handed paddles, if you are at all ambidexterous you might want to go rightie. After a couple of days it will feel perfect.

And some paddle makers…
even with allowing for feathered paddles have only had the holes or whatever set up for a right-handed feather. My husband is a lefty, and it really does work a lot better for him to paddle (and pick his “on” side for rolling) set up opposite from righties like myself.

If any right-handed folks wonder about this, try doing everything on a left hand bias and see if it works as well. I find that it doesn’t.


Got one!
Went to Wilderness Experience Unlimited in Southwick, MA today. They are very helpful. 196 cm. Oh boy. Ok, see ya’all in a pool soon for rolling lessons!