left in one boat and ended up with two, sugar creek Indiana

retrieved a pinned livery canoe, Ishould have carried a throw rope and pin kit with me but assumed I wouldn’t need it rec boating, so it was strong arm method

Nice looking run - what happens to the canoe. Any way to get it back to it’s owner, or have you inherited a boat?

I think I recognize that white covered bridge from trips in the 60’s. As I recall there used to be a water fall into a deep stone valley/ gorge on a tributary stream a little before that bridge. It was back in the woods a little.

So, you paddled the canoe with your whitewater kayak paddle?

yeah paddled canoe with kayak paddle- a little on the short side, wind made it slow going with the kayak sticking up, canoe belonged to the livery I was using for the shuttle, It was pinned on a rootball of a large tree- a crack in the gunnels, a missing bow plate, a gouge in the bottom- all fixable, not wrap lines on the hull