Lefty needs help!

Greetings, I need some advice on baitcasting reels. I have always been a spinning guy and recently a fly guy but lately I have the urge to try a baitcaster. My dilema is that it isn’t comfortable for me to reel in with my right hand. Everybody that I see casts and retrieves using their right hand, I am not comfortable casting then changing hands to retrieve. Is there a good reason for this method? Does anybody have any advice for this southpaw? I appreciate any help you can offer.



Lefty baitcasters
I believe there are some baitcasters made for lefty’s. I can’t recall who makes them but a internet search for lefthanded baitcasters ought to reveal who does.

One SP to another
A quick look in Cabela’s: Black Lable II, Cabela’s Crankin’ Combo, Left or Right hand for $60. They probably have more. I’ve pretty much gotten in the habit of cast left, reel right. Lots of time casting Grandpa’s old bait caster as a kid. It’s statistically true that Leftys live shorter lives in a right handed world. I have a Milwaukee drill at work that has a trigger lock right under the “heal” of my left thumb. Let go of the trigger and the thing keeps running. There’s a lot of stuff like that out there.


Righty that casts lefty…
Must be confused, I guess.

A lot of baitcasters come in left and right hand retrieve. I really like my Abu Garcia 5600. Works great for basscasting and catfishing (has a baitclicker feature on it).

Maybe it’s because…
…a lot of guys started out with spincasters when they were younger and got used to switching hands back then. I did, and it feels more natural for me to cast and crank a baitcaster with my right hand.

But some do cast right and crank left, especially if they need to start reeling in line as soon as the lure hits the water (such as with a buzz bait). I say, if it feels good to cast right and crank left, then do it.

Lefty reels
are available. I was looking at Cabelas Prodigy or the Shimano Curado. Just want to be sure I’m not making a mistake buying a lefty. All of my spin reels are set up cast right, reel with your left. Same for my fly rods. Just curious if there was an advantage to casting right, swapping hands and reeling in with your right. I hope I’m not missing anything here.

Thanks for the replies guys!

both hands
My uncle is a lefty and simply learned to fish right handed. he is a dentist so he has to be able to use both hands anyway. I found that my fishing improved vastly when I learned to cast and retrieve with both hands. I can hit angles I never could before. And I can pick up a lefty reel and not miss a beat. The more you can do the better. this is especially important river fishing. Curado reels come in lefty and I know others do as well but I have seen more curadoes in stores. bass pro has em.

Thanks for the input
I guess I’ll go forth and purchase a lefty reel and fish it the best way I know how.

Tight lines and happy paddling to all!

Check Cabela’s bargain basement. Most outfits like Abu Garcia and Diawa make reels for leftys. I see them all the time at flea markets. We have a large one in Roseville every weekend check your area. I have seen them for under $20.