Legend kayak...

So I was watching “this is the sea 1” last night… and saw most of the ppl there in the Legend boat. Are they so good and so popular or is this only because of that video??

I think most of those kayaks were NDK Explorers, and yes they are awsome kayaks for conditions.

Yeah - mostly NDK
TITS1 has mostly NDK boats, TITS2 some greater variety. NDK worked aggressively for a long time to get their boats into the hands of some significant expeditions, but the Explorer is also a fantastically solid do-it-all boat. The Explorers have traditionally far out-numbered any other boat at major BCU-oriented sea kayaking symposiums.

P&H has more recently been getting their boats very much out there for major expeditions as well as really promoting them with coaches, so I expect you’ll be seeing more of them in such productions. They are definately much more present at BCU events than a couple of years ago.

The Foster Legend is also a very highly respected expedition boat, but I don’t think that either Nigel or Seaward have promoted the boat to the aggressive level that NDK and P&H have at their peak.

The Nigel Foster Shadow
is an excellent boat too. I paddle the Nigel Foster Shadow, which is almost the same, just another inch wider for us larger paddlers.

I demo’d both the Explorer HV and the Shadow on the same very rough day for quite a while. I found the Explorer to have a bit more initial stability but it was more uncomfortable for me to paddle. There was much less support from the backband than I like, and as a result, my abs were really getting a workout.

The Shadow was just much more comfortable for me to be in. Both boats handled the conditions well.

I don’t think you can go wrong picking either an Explorer or a Legend. Both really good boats, but they do have a different feel.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.

Legend is a nice boat
and FOR ME is more enjoyable than the explorer overall. Both are super boats overall. I preferred the Romany to the Explorer even though I’m 210.

and each one comes with
a pound of Earl Grey :slight_smile: