Legend vs Force 4

These 2 boats feel like a couple of the best all

around boats I tried, maneuverable, quick (legend

maybe abit quicker) fairly comfortable. What’s

your take on these boats.

Never paddled the force 4
but the legend did not have enough room for my huge thighs, and for me with 230 pounds and no great balance it would require constant movement to feel comfy in (at least for the forst few weeks)

Force is NOT intended to be all around
Although it is possible to use any one boat as an all around boat, the Force boats are NOT intended to be an all around boat, much less so that any other of their boats except the OI. As an all around boat, its 18 foot length, high volume and windage don’t make it playful enough for me as a day boat, but hey not what they are making it for, right?

Why? They sought to give it the characteristics of a pure expedition boat, like the Explorer, but MORE length, LESS rocker, very narrow, and were willing to give up all around status to get the additional speed, volume for expeditions, while keeping as much turning, tracking, etc.

I think that IMPEX is a quality company, this is version 1.0, as such they appear off to a good start with the Force series. I could not fit in it, the seat for me is too close to the read deck and hits me in the small of the back in a painful way, and I was not happy with the final aspects of secondary stability near the water on extreme edging (I learned later I was in a prototype with a seat too high wrongly attached).

I am known as being hard on reviews in my club. Especially for boats that claim expedition status, I want EVERYTHING, especially EASY IN AND OUT. I feel the lack of a keyhole cockpit is a major deal in all expedition boats that don’t have them, for example.

Tried the production version?

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If your impressions stem from a trying a prototype, maybe some of those issues have been addressed in the production version. Obviously Impex is not selling the boat as an all arounder or making claims it is. Its farther out there on the expedition side. Maybe the first poster was simply saying it had a nice all around balance of characteristics for a boat of that type as opposed to a boat for all around use. That said, for people who want to take long, fast day trips as opposed to out for a day of playing about, it would seem to be a good option. The Legend, Aquanaut, Explorer, and the Force are all way bigger than anyone needs as a day boat (or even to go camping for a few days for that matter), but many apparently use them happily as such. In the NE, the Explorer has a near cult following as the boat of choice for an all around boat. Says alot about it and will be interesting if the Force develops a similar reputation despite its promotion as an expedition boat.

Interesting, my wife, who is small and finds the Avocet too big, finds the Force 3 a great fit and handles well as a cruising day boat. I keep thinking it has way too much volume for her, but it works for her.

I found the 4 to not have much sticking up in the air and to be quite good in the wind so not sure what you mean by windage. What was it about the secondary?

To each his own anyway so what either of us thinks about a boat doesn't mean much in terms of how the other likes/dislikes the same boat. I too would really like to know how people with some time in the Legend, Explorer, Aquanaut, and Force boats describe how their personalities differ.

good points all
eel, good points. All I was saying is don’t expect so much from them. Impex is a super company trying to advance things. Yeah!

We are getting some real choices and alternatives. IMO, the Force 3 is more able be an all rounder, 17 feet. Yes of an expedition boat, the 4 has less windage than some, you are right.

edged turns

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To me, the Legend has a much different feel from any other kayak I have tried. Seems like you just clonk it over on the side and it holds there turning until you clonk it back. I would really like to get a lower volume boat that felt like that, the Silhouette didn't feel much different from other boats. I guess that its sides aren't high enough to give that kind of stability in a turn

Force 3 limited

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Want to comment on Evan's comment on the Force 3. Perhaps the boat design is an all-rounder but it is definitely NOT an all-round boat for the masses. It's small cockpit is for smaller people . . compared by Impex Co. and dealers as fitting like the Impex Mystic.

That’s why…
there’s the Force 4 & Force 5. When I get into my wife’s Force 3 it’s with the help of a shoehorn. :wink: 6’ 200lb was not what that boat was sized to fit.

See you on the water,