Legend wing paddles?

Does anyone have any experience using these paddles. A local kayak shop (Laacke and Joys) has them on sale for $265. I found no reviews of them in the Paddle reviews and am wondering if this is a sign of a problem or just a good but rare paddle?

Any info will be a help. Thanks everyone, Jaws

Very heavy for a wing paddle and not really a full wing. It’s an odd combination of a conventional paddle mated to a sort of a wing. Trying to please too many people with one paddle I suspect.

Bill H.

Legend vs. Lendal ?
Are you confusing the Legend with a Lendal?


The Wildwater Legend looks like a regular wing to me (as does the Marathon version and the other “wings” they offer that I could tell from their photos):


The Lendal on the other hand is just as you describe, for the most part…

I have no experience with the Legends so no idea if they are any good or about weight… The Lendal I’ve paddled briefly and looked at again recently - too heavy for my taste but it seems to work well on the water (especially the excellent buoyancy it has).

Oops, sorry, yes I was, darn it.

Got a cold, drugged, only excuse, bad one.

Bill H.

The name …
I’m sure it’s not a case of intentionally mistaken identity here. But a few years ago I was excited to buy a “Panasoanic” phone at a great price - it did not work nearly as well as it looked -:wink: Next time I went for a properly spelled “Panasonic”, but that still stopped working after a short time -;(

Pay attention to Ebay, sometimes wings come up there at very good prices. I got mine that way for less than 1/2 the going price and it was new.

Bill H.