On one post I thought I read where someone melted down some legos and used them as a type of protective coating on their canoe… am I crazy or did I really remember reading that. Is this a easy way to protect your canoe if so how do you do it?

I’m guessing crazy (nm)

I dunno
But maybe it was someone melting down legos to use as a material to repair a crack. I don’t think it would be possible to melt legos into a protective coating.

You’re not crazy
It was mentioned as a possible material for making ABS slurry for repairing gouges, but IIRC it hadn’t actually been tried by anyone. Even if it worked, it would be an expensive source compared to ABS pipe scraps - but I think the point was a desire to match colors in the repaired canoe.

My suggestion - sell those old legos on ebay. Use scraps of ABS pipe for making repair slurry. Ignore the black streaks and spend the bonus bux on gas for your next shuttle. :wink:

To cover a whole canoe
would take A LOT of legos.

and what a color scheme
I guess legos are made from ABS, which is why it was brought up. They’d melt in acetone to make the slurry Steve mentions.