Lendal Archipelago vs. Kinetic Touring

Can anyone compare and contrast these different blade shapes for me? I am looking to upgrade from a plastic Archipelago blade to a light carbon composite. I would classify my boating interests in the touring area. Often unloaded in mainly quiet waters…going for distance and being as efficient as possible. Current shaft length used is bent 220cm, which suits me well.

i’ll go you one better …
i’ve used both the paddles you mention and lots more. far and away the BEST paddle i’ve ever used however and the one i use now and will probably use forever, is my AT carbon tour.


at least try one before you decide on any other cuz i’m telling you this AT is quite incredible in the hands and in its ability to work effortlessly for you.

The kinetic touring needs a more aggressive paddling style, whereas the archipelago is better for a lower angle stroke. The archipelago is quieter in the water in my hands and easier/effective for sculling and sweep strokes. I use the kinetic with a straight shaft and the archipelago with the modified crank.

Tried Kinetic Touring…

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... I am sorry I can't give you a definate answer, as I have only tried the Kinetik Touring paddle, But I have a similar concern between the Kinetic Touring, and the Kinetic Touring "S" blades.

I am a high angle paddler, I guess as a result of Canoeing for many years. When my one hand is near the water, the other is high, at shoulder level when I push with it. I test paddled a kayak last fall, and the dealer let me try the Carbon Crank shaft, with the Kinetic Touring blades on it. I didn't paddle a distance, but in a 1/2 hour time I really took a STRONG liking to the paddle shaft and the blades. One way or the other I am going to buy a set this summer. The blade anchored itself in the water and just let me pull the boat forward. I felt no wiggle, and it was just a solid stroke!

My dilema is the question of do I want the regular, or the smaller "S" blades. I sit at a desk every day, so I am not the best physical shape any more. The Regular K.T. blades are super, but I am wondering if I should get the smaller K.T "S" blades. Will the smaller size let me have longer endurance, without me suffereing much with power and speed??

I will be able to test paddle them this summer, but will I have to paddle a 9 mile run to be able to tell if one blade size is better "for me" than the other???? That is "my" question. Possibly anyone enswering the original post could touch on this too??


I am using the crank archipelago and have only had the opp to use it in a pool ( however I have been using 2hrs a week for past 3 months). I love it. I do paddle with a low angle style and therefore can truly appreciate the paddle. I don’t ahve any other xp with the lendal paddles but I hope to keep a hold of the one I am using for a long time.