lendal blades

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Does anyone know if Lendal Ion S blades will fit on any shaft other than a Lendal shaft?

I would not bet on it, since the tolerances for a good fit are very tight. I picked up one of the new Lendal shafts at Canoecopia, which fit my old blades nicely. They also come in large and small grip size now too.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

U will have to …
…get out your dial calipers , good to .xxx and measure the ID’s and OD’s of the pieces plus measure snap lock distances, etc.

I found a set of Lendal blades very inexpensively, but can’t afford the shaft at the moment. So I was thinking if I can find a cheap shaft for right now I would put together a spare paddle to take along as a back up.

If not I will jut wait until I can make the purchase. Thanks for the advice.

Good advice


Watch eBay …
I bought my Lendals (new) for very competitive prices. Straight shaft vary lock carbon was something like $50. My whole bent shaft full carbon set (shaft with 2 kinetic touring blades) ) was around $200… They don’t come often or at such prices but they do.

That said, I much prefer a ferule system that does not require a wrench to secure (at least for the center). Problem with the “tools needed” approach is that I can’t really use my Lendal on the water due to that…

Good point I plan to keep the tool attached to my life vest so it is handy.

Enjoy the water.