Lendal K touring Regular, or "S" blade

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I am a high angle paddler, I guess as a result of Canoeing for many years. When my one hand is near the water, the other is high, at shoulder level pushing forward with it. I test paddled a kayak last fall, and the dealer let me try the Lendal Carbon Crank shaft, with the Kinetic Touring blades on it. I didn't paddle a distance, but in a 1/2 hour time I really took a STRONG liking to the paddle shaft and the blades. One way or the other I am going to buy a set this summer. The blade anchored itself in the water and just let me pull the boat forward. I felt no wiggle, and it was just a solid stroke!

My dilema is the question of do I want the regular, or the smaller "S" blades. I sit at a desk every day, so I am not the best physical shape any more. The Regular Kinetic Touring blades are super, but I am wondering if I should get the smaller K.T. "S" blades. Will the smaller size let me have longer endurance, without me suffereing much with power and speed?? I will be in a 17' 10" composite kayak about 22.5" wide.

I will be able to test paddle them this summer, but will I have to paddle a 9 mile run to be able to tell if one blade size is better "for me" than the other???? That is "my" question. When I test paddle with them, what can I look for that might give me a quicker indication of what will be best for me??

Has anyone had any extensive paddling with the K.T. Regular, verses the slightly smaller "S" blades? I'd appreciate any feedback based on your experiences.

Thanks & Happy Paddling!

So Werner’s out?
What happened? Sounded like you were all set on Werner at Paddlesport. Found new toys?

See you on the water,



What I like best about Lendals
is the ability to interchange blades on th 4 piece system. I have used the Kinetic and really liked it. ( I was planning on a Kinetic, but Barracuda gave me an Archipelago)

Hey There Marshall!.. :slight_smile:
I checked out the Werner Carbon Crank Shuna at Paddlesports, but I have never gotten to try paddling with one yet, This seemed like a really nice paddle, and I like the Werner take apart and adjust mechanism.

I did paddle a Lendal carbon crank with the Kinetik touring blades,and it is a super paddle. I test paddled a couple of Necky kayaks that day. I didn’t find one I liked that he had to Demo, but I kept asking to try the paddle some more. I wanted to take the paddle home with me.

At the local shops demo days, in mid april, will be my first chance to test paqddle a Werner. I do want to try a Werner before I buy either.

I do like the way you can easily change blades or shafts on the Lendal. That option is of interest to me.

The true test will be when the “Paddle hits the Water” :slight_smile:

Happy Paddling!!