Lendal Key Lock?

I just scored a sweet deal on a 4 piece lendal paddle and have a few quick questions for those who have them. My blades are kinetic touring and are white with a sticker that says ‘sf’. I thought SF meant short fiber, though they feel like plastic. Anyone know what they are made of?

What is this key I keep reading about but never seeing? My paddle clicks together okay, do I need a key? What does it do?


Do I need a key?

– Last Updated: May-17-09 1:09 PM EST –

Yes. It tightens the joint. Here is what it looks like:

The blade is polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber.

Awesome. Thanks Dr_Disco! How do you like your lendal paddle?

Like it a lot
I actually have the plastic blades as my backup paddle and have both a straight shaft and bent shaft and carbon blades. Makes a nice combo when I am not using my GP.

sweet paddles…
i have the ability to make 4 complete paddles at any time…all strong and secure…and paddle great!!! and then slide back into their mini bag and get put into the back seat on the ride home…