Lendal Kinetik Wing

I’m thinking of buying a Lendal Kinetik Wing and am interested in getting others’ opinions. Google doesn’t turn up much (even when I spell it “Kinetic”). All information welcome.

In particular, I heard a rumor that there were problems with “splitting” in these paddles. I don’t know if this is for paddles made before or after Johnson Outdoors bought Lendal. Any knowledge out there?

Also interested in other paddles, wing or not, that are good for fast travelling in waves of three to four feet, peak to trough. In a perfect world, a special feature of this paddle would be that it is appropriate for a 20-inch-wide race-training kayak (Kirton Tercel) and for a 28-inch wide solo canoe (Placid Boatworks RapidFire). Yeah, right… But Lendal sells a 20 cm extension section, which is why I’m looking their way.

– Mark

For what this is worth…
I have a Lendal Carbon Crank Shaft Paddle, with the carbon Kinetic Touring paddle blades on it.

I have had it a couple years now, and it is holding up well. I am verry happy with the paddle and blades.

I have read on their web page about the new Wing, but never got to try it.

Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

I hope Johnson Outdoors didn’t mess up a good thing!

heard from Johnson Outdoors
I got a private reply from Johnson Outdoors immediately after my original post. They said that the paddles with delamination problems were shipped before Johnson Outdoors bought Lendal; that the Kinetik Wing was out of production for a while so they could change the production process, with an eye to preventing delamination; and that the KW is now recently back in production. There’s a waiting list to be serviced before new orders will be fulfilled.

– Mark

my two cents
i haven’t paddled with the kinetic wing, so take this advice for what it is worth. my understanding is that that paddle has a crank shaft, and rather modified wing blades, not really like a full-on wing. i use exclusively a wing paddle, have for many years. there is no way that you could perform a proper wing stroke with a crank shaft paddle. my advice would be to either get an adjustable wing, like the Epic Mid (great paddle) or get a regular Euro blade crank, if you are set on that. A wing requires a real committment to learning the proper stroke- it’s not just a funny looking Euro.


thanks for the caution
But I believe the Lendal Kinetik Wing is available with bent or straight shaft (Lendals are a mix-and-match system, any blade on any shaft).

I ended up with a Bracsa IV paddle, a true wing. I will start another thread on wing technique.

– Mark


quality customer service
"There’s a waiting list to be serviced before new orders will be fulfilled."

NOW that is quality customer service. I wish Bell would have done that with my canoe work when they had my Magic for over six months (after they had been bought out).


I think you’ll find
that JOI will do right by Lendal. I have friends there and I know that they have moved stuff across the Atlantic and set up shop in Maine. Some Scotts are in fact moving over, and the founder Allistar (sp) has been to Maine to help ramp up. I’ve heard the typical fear stuff about the big monster company absorbing the little guy etc., but would offer a different perspective. The big guys thought highly of the brand, gave the founder and family a nice retirement and are investing hugely to keep the brand alive and well where it may have just gone away?? I think JOI should make NO apologies for taking the time they need to make sure things are right. I also know that they gave away a lot of the initial inventory to pro-team Lendal folk, which I admire.

I think all will be as good as ever and what I hear is there are NO changes planned, or products slated for deletion. The big boys have their place and aren’t all bad. A lot of core paddlers who were with the original companies are still making a living with the big guys. Just a non-typical perspective which ya’ll should be used to by now from me. Take care.