Lendal Nordkapp - question for owners

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Just received my used blades from Appomattox. THey look almost new. However, both have some visible irregularities in the material. On both sides of the center rib going away from it and towards the ends there is a 1/8" wide wavy strip visible, as if the mold had something or if the material was poured-in in two steps, leaving this mark. The surface is not perfectly smooth - I can feel the "seam" formed when whatever was there was sanded-down. The edges are perfectly smooth, so I am not sure if this is more of a visual thing or a structural issue.

Both blades have almost symmetrical marks, so I think this is due to manufacture.

I'll try to put some photos on, but for you who have them, do yours have any such visible material irregularities?

I can't even try them in the water since my new shaft has not yet arrived but I wonder if what I got is some second quality or repaired equipment and whether I should worry about durability, more than anything else... At $150 + shipping for an almost new pair with no dings or scratches they are priced OK but not a bargain by any means, considering Ruttabaga sells them new for $215 + shipping, so if this is a problem I might return them to the seller...

what material?







Photos uploaded
Looks to me like a defect. Not sure if due to manufacture or repair. I can feel the mark on the surface, especially on one side of the blade. The edges show no sign of the mark, so I’m not sure if this is a repair or just a wrinkle on the surface, in which case it won’t matter to me).

The photos show the front and back of one of the blades. Very similar pair of marks exists on the other blade as well (not pictured).

What do you think?





CF I suppose.
I says so on the stickers, and they were advertised as such when for sale.

Made in Scotland?
Or are there stickers saying made in usa? Johnson Outdoor recently purchased Lendal, last year I guess, and I’ve read there were early production problems. Which is normal when production is shifted to new plants, employees, etc. Maybe your blades are from that early troubled time period?

At least that’s what the stickers say. Made in Scotland, used worldide or something like that.

Any thoughts on what I’m seeing? Is this something to worry about in terms of integrity?


Hey, how about…
emailing Johnson Outdoors with these pictures attached and get a reaction from them / Lendal?

I think you have no worries. Injection molded carbon reinforced nylon. My guess is this is insignificant, but talk to them.

you have pre-Johnson produced lendals.

Appomattox is contacting Lendal
The rep seems to be corteous about it and is contacting Lendal for this with my photos.

Don’t know if the store is a dealer or not for Lendal, but they probably got them new from them and may have some more leverage with them than I have to get them exchanged/fixed, or … at least looked at.

Use them till they break.
Lendal (Johnson) will replace them if anything happens. I personally would not worry about it.

But for terminology sake, you have labeled your paddle sides incorrectly. The front of the paddle is the side facing the paddler and the back face of the blade points away.

Front-back --> Yes
Thanks I did not think much about the directions and of course, you are correct.

Use them till they break - I might just do that, if Lendal does not do anything about them and tells me this is not a problem.

The thing is, I am not at all sure I will like them, so I want to have the option to resell them without a hassle when/if I decide to do so. With a “blemish” the price I can ask for them goes down…

LOL ‘Defending’ two competitiors in one

Not sure of Lendal’s cosmetic standards but from my where I am standing, there is nothign wrong with this paddle structurally.

Maybe not a navy jet, but a paddle ? No worries.

Explaination of how this this ‘spot’ got there avaialable offline or by contacting www.lendal.com

I told you - got to try them first -:wink:
“Explaination of how this this ‘spot’ got there avaialable offline”

Feel free to e-mail me if that’s what you meant by “offline”.

I wanted to try the bent shafts as we discussed over the phone some time ago. I already appreciate the lightness of a paddle and yours are at the top of the heap there. The question for me now is if I will like the bent shaft more than the straight. Then, I might give you a second call -:wink: