Lendal Paddle blades!!

I have a four piece Kinetik Touring Crank shaft paddle with the N12 paddle blades. I love this paddle but I find the blades are really too heavy. Does anyone know of any canadian dealers where I can purchase these blades?

Send e-mail to Scott at Lendal
Send an e-mail to Scott Lynch at Lendal. His e-mail address is: usa@lendal.com

I have sent several e-mails to Scott, and he has been great at answering me.

I am sure he will be able to help you find a source, or possibly order them right from him.

Happy Paddling!

Don’t be such a wuss!
You should work on building some muscle strength instead of complaining about an extra couple of ounces on your paddle blades.

You would think they were made of lead.


Water Dragon

Well isn’t that an interesting comment
from the Fongman. Hmmm what do you paddle with Mr. Fong??? Let me think…oh yes now I remember its the same paddle as mine only its in carbon!!! Man what a girly man!!!

There is only one distributor in Canada, and after sending several emails and getting no response I ordered my blades fron Rutabaga and I ordered the shaft from GRO. Rutabaga didn’t have the variable crank shaft, and GRO didn’t have the blades I wanted…


Who/Where is GRO ?
Who/Where is GRO? I never heard of them.

Please list the web page, so I can check them out.


Did you try…

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http://www.explorenewfoundland.com/lendal_index.htm ?

I got a crankshaft Lendal from them several years ago. Seemed like good service at the time. The website is still active.

wjlatsha: www.grokayaks.com


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Great River Outfitters


They used to be the USA importer of all Lendal paddles...and all NDK kayaks and all Valley Kayaks

No longer true for Lendal, It is now Scott Lynch

and no longer true for NDK, I've heard rumours of who is going to do that next, but to my knowledge, those are only rumours soooo far


Not my fault…
I just bought a paddle that was on sale. Can’t help it if it was better.

To reduce your swing weight you may also want to look at getting a 2 piece instead of four (extra weight in those end ferrules) and lose the drip rings (your hands will get wet anyway). Finally, you could try a smaller blade design.

That should help out your poor elbows.

BTW, how’s you hand roll coming along?

Fongman :o)