Lendal paddle construction

Question for knowledgeable in paddle construction:

Lendal Carbon paddle blades are made from CF and some resin.

  1. Is it covered with gelcoat, or some other coating?
  2. How does go around getting compatible coating? - Easiest is to try and contact Lendal (America???) and get the answer from them, but just checking if anybody on the board has the answer.


Lendal info

that is their page on constrctions of blades etc…

are you trying to fix one? or make something like it???

the contact info has now changed since Johnson took them over…worht a phone call or email (off their contact page from above link)

No, I do not want to make one.

I was considering cosmetic enhancements extending beyond a simple sticker - or rather not having a desired sticker and applying my own design on the paddle blade. Since I would like to use a filler, simple painting might not work.

The lendal page does not discuss resins/gelcoats.

i know that there are a bunch of paddler
s that paint their paddles…that the kind of thing you are thinking?

check out:


might be able to help…

Pre-preg composites
cured under pressure and heat. Should be able to paint if you so desire… But why?