lendal paddle modifications

I own a lendal kinetic touring paddle with carbon fiber shaft. Great paddle! However, it can only be adjusted so that the blades are asymetrical to one another(forget what this is called). Can’t get used to the technique required in using it this way, and was wondering if it is possible to very carefully measure and drill another hole so that the blades are the same on each end(is drilling into a Lendal sacriledge?) Has anyone ever done this? Please stop me now if this is not a good idea- thanks!


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If I understand you correctly, you are saying there is a fixed angle b/w the two blades and you want them on the same plane.

What shaft do you have? If it has a round opening where the button pops-up (where the two halves join) and a groov on both sides of the button opening, you are set. You can just push the little button off from the middle point (60 degree I think is the preset) and rotate the shaft halfs relative to each other as you need. The button will now remain depressed and under the groove, but this is how it is supposed to be. You can still tighten the lock with your hex key thru the groove.

My shaft allow from -90 to + 90 degree and anywhere inbetween but defaults to 60 degree (for safety, so you can quickly paddle with it without the need to immediately tighten with the wrench). Only at the default 60 degree does the button stay up - all other positions - it is supposed to be under the groove.

Alternatively, if you indeed do not have a groove and just one single round hole for the button, then you can find a drill (most likely metric size) that fits there and drill another hole at the right position. Should still have a pretty strong shaft.

Last choice - get one of the carbon shafts off eBay from East of Maui for $68 + about $8 shipping to where I live (220 or 210 cm only available last time I checked). These do what I described above, and are even lighter than the fiberglass. No drilling required -;)

Have just a hole- no grooves- so will probably go with the drilling annother hole option. Have bad carpal- using paddle feathered seems to aggravate it.

Should be adjustable
I checked your other posts and see that you are a newbie to kayaking who was asking about a new paddle, so I am making a guess that you are using the current version of the Lendal paddle - the four piece system, and that you just don’t know how it works yet.

You should have received an allen key with the paddle. That is what you use to attach the different blades which can be used with the paddle. You push the button in, and it pops up through the hole, and then you tighten the allen key to firm everything up.

The same type of button is used to attach the two halves of the paddle together in the center. By default, the button is inserted at a 60 degree feather, and the button will pop up so that it can be used at that feather even if you don’t tighten the allen key.

But you should see a scale of different feather degrees right on a track where the button inserts. You can set the paddles to any degree of feather by using the allen key and the scale.

Push the button in so that it is not pushing through the hole. Now rotate the two halves to, say, 45 degrees of feather - or 0 if you prefer.

Since the button is no longer pushing through a hole, this setting does not hold by itself. To make it hold firm at that position, you insert the key into the small hole in the middle of the button. When you tighten the allen key, it expands the inner shaft to make the paddle a single firm unit.

When you are done, you unscrew that allen key to take the two halves apart. Since it sounds like whoever sold you the paddle did not give you directions, you will notice that the two halves of the paddle are not identical in that one has a swell for one hand. That is typically used on the right if you use your right hand as a “glue hand.” You could also use it on the left. Also, make sure you have blades inserted so they are in the correct orientation if you are using the crankshaft (bent) shaft.

If you are not using this system, and I have guessed wrong, accept my apologies. Otherwise, if you did not get the key with the paddle, you can order one and just get a metric allen key (3mm?) from an auto parts store. I keep a spare clipped to my pfd.

I think you do have a groove

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Please read below. Please don't start drilling holes in your shaft yet.

Yup - 3mm key it is (n/t)
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Paddle Issues
If you are concerned about aggravating a Carpal Tunnel condition, etc. Please be sure to look at your technique also. Feathered or un-Feathered may help/hurt, but it is very likely that changing your technique will potentially offer much more relief.

Also check assembly of paddle
If you are using the bent shaft, it is possible to assemble the paddles the wrong way - with the bend going the wrong direction. I did this once when I first got the paddle - it won’t do your wrist problems any good at all.

Not a four piece- blades are fixed- not removable. No scale in middle of shaft. It is the system that does tighten with the 3mm key. Will play with it- I may just be missing something in translation. Great advice- thanks again & safe paddling!

probably an older Lendal
All the newer carbon Lendal’s have the adjustable slot, older ones had only a hole.