Lendal paddle shaft extension


I thought it would be easy to find a 20cm Lendal paddle shaft extension, but after two weeks of extensive research, no one seems to have one. Would anyone here have a source or suggestion? Any help at all much appreciated.

I’ve never seen a paddle shaft extension for any type of paddle before. Are they generally available?

If this is one of the Lendal 4 piece paddles, you could always just get a new, longer shaft.

Of course, Lendal products are still in transition after being sold by Johnson Outdoors (the Necky/Old Town folks) to Sea Kayaking UK (Nigel Dennis). The dealers around me have old stock they are still selling out, but no one seems to be set up as a dealer under the new company. So even if the part you are after is available, it may not be available locally to you.

Try Celtic Paddles I think they bought the brand or are at least revitalizing it. I know they have lendal stock available and can be contacted by email. I don’t remember seeing any extensions but if anyone could help it might be them.

…I remember seeing those in ads…checked a couple of local shops websites…they no longer list the extensions…All I see is the T-handle for sale. They may be had by special request or order, I know lendal/

celtic web site did not list them. good luck

Johnson sold out
Many paddle builders bought them all up. 20cm and 30cm were a common catalog item. I’m sure NDK will build them again, but I doubt that you’ll find anyone with a supply here in the states.

Many greenland paddlers bought them as the basis of 2-piece paddles.

re: Lendal paddle shaft extension
I wrote to Celtic Paddles, no response. On their web site it lists a North American email address for questions/orders, but that doesn’t work either. These things are rarer than hens teeth. Well, thanks for the information anyway and response to my post.

It will have to come from Nigel
Lendal NA will be at Salt Lake OR with new shafts and two blades made with newer technology. Neil Baxter, of original Lendal is involved and will be at OR.

Lendal NA is doing things slowly and to an extremely high level. As such some dimmensions have changed including the O.D. of the shafts to make for stronger shafts. This will preclude the extension, but Nigel should be doing these in the future…I’d “assume”?

As I understand it, Nigel will be making Lendal to the same specs and standards as the original Lendal.

Lendal NA WILL produce shafts that will accept original Lendal or JOI blades, but new blades will have a larger O.D. spigot and subsequent larger I.D. at that the blade end of the new shafts.

Prototypes are just awesome!