Lendal Paddles disappearing.....

Does anyone know why the Lendal brand is disappearing off retailers lists?

big companies, like Johnson Outdoors, can really f_ _ k up a good thing! It seems to be a death sentence for high quality companies that get bought by large conglomerates and run like s _ _ t.

Lendel was sold
There was a previous post about JOI selling off Lendel to I believe Nigel Dennis. I expect it is part of the transition and soon they will be back with a new distribution network.

Using the p.net Search utility I come
up with:


Nigel confirms purchase of Lendal
It seems that Nigel has confirmed his purchase of Lendal:


Ya’ll can thank Salty

– Last Updated: Dec-02-09 10:40 PM EST –

for getting Nigel back to the table with JOI and helping convince JOI that that was the right move. So there..

Also the new leadership at JOI for seeing the light, specifically the new Director of Watercraft. They are sorting their crap out and I wish them well.

Thank you Salty
Will the manufacturing now return to Scotland?

Good on ya
Thank you Mr. Salty!-)

so are they going to be made
of only the highest quality hand laid polyester resin now? ;] part of me can’t see ND pulling off a top notch paddle!

Nigel goes way back with Lendal and
Alistair. The same guys who build tubes for Alistaire will likely do so for Nigel. The quality will come back. Who knows what the future holds for USA production?

Nigel is the guy who can rebuild this brand. By the way his recent boats are excellent as well. A superb person I think.

Body boat blade in orca island
Has a bunch of stock for Lendal give them a call!

Btw I used my Lendal xti ww blade in San Diego for kayaksurfing provided by salty after joi purchased lendal and had some production issues. I had forgotten how much I loved this paddle.

It was great to put together a rock solid 4 piece carbon surfing paddle and carve it up!

I really hope lendal is back on the shelves soon!

Nigel will make this work. I was extremely happy a month ago when Nigel confirmed that they were getting Lendal.

I’m mainly a Greenland paddler myself but the Lendals are excellent paddles and I’ll likely pick up a couple new ones once distribution is up again with Nigel’s stuff.

Salty…good on ya for helping make this happen!!

Cheers…Joe O’


Ultimately it was Nigel and JOI
who made it happen. I did phone Nigel with the idea a long time ago, and helped re-unite parties after initial attempts to talk failed. JOI’s new leadership saw the sense in this move, and we have to applaud them for not just dumping the brand but trying to see that it gets in hands that can make it work! They major F’ed up buying a company they could never understand, but cudo’s for not just selling it off to some other big outfit. We all make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them that matters and in this case I think JOI took the high road.

I have no financial interest here, just connections and a passion for the brand. I have full confidence in Nigel Dennis. It’s a great blade shape and concept.

Yeah, just what Lendal needs…
…is Nigel Dennis’ legendary quality control. Really, who wouldn’t want a premium-priced paddle built like an NDK boat? With Nigel at the helm, I seriously fear for Lendals future.

“We all make mistakes”
“We all make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them that matters…”

Pretty significant wisdom articulated - thank you.

And thanks for getting Nigel and JOI together.

My NDK boats have had fewer problems
then any other brand I have ever owned, or used extensively.

Out of 5 NDKs, 1 had a few leaks around fittings. I had the problems diagnosed and fixed in less then 30 minutes. The other 4 haven’t had any problems, and have weathered the abuse much better than other brands.

Based on MY experience, NDK has the best track record for durability and functionality.

And don’t get me started on the Werner Wobble.

I’ve been very pleased with my NDK as well. Nigel will do a great job with Lendal, I’ve no doubt about that.

Nigel Dennis has done pretty well
keeping NDK at the top of the sea kayak market.