Lendal paddles

For those interested: http://www.seakayakinguk.com/lendal_info.html


no more Kinetic Wing? eom

Glad they survived…
The kinetic wing is a heavy beast of a paddle… I have a set of kinetic wing blades I’d be happy to sell if anyone is interested…

It’s an interesting blade that some really enjoy, but it’s mass expensive to produce and was not popular for Lendal.

I like the way the kinetic wing paddles.
Its just a heavy blade set up, if it were somewhat lighter I think it would be excellent. Maybe I just have to spend some more time paddling with them. Been pretty happy with a set of Nordkapp SF blades that I got a week or so ago, on a carbon 210 straight shaft. Also looking forward to getting a set of carbon Nordkapp blades whenever they become available, and a set of big kinetic blades would be a welcome addition to the gear pile as well. So many paddles, so little money…