Lendal Powermaster Area

Does anybody have numbers for surface area?

e-mail them or call

That info used to be on their website before last years redesign. The stats are available so probably just a phone call away.

Unsolicited info here:

I will say that is a big a** blade. For awhile I paddled a Nordkapp which is a bit smaller but that really ruined my shoulders, huge knots that PT needed to work out. I am now down to a nice little Kinetic S and find it does me just fine. Surfing I will use a Mystic but for touring, I just up the cadence.


I tried the web archive to hunt for that information, but the old site still lacks surface area specs.

I guess I’ll have to make the call - I need to talk to customer service anyway - the shaft is developing a crack :frowning:

How does Powermaster compare to Ikelos/Corryvrecken blade?

Own both Ikelos and Powermaster
Both excellent paddles. The Lendal is a burly blade that I love for rock gardening etc. Huge bite, and lot’s of go. It’s not too bad for distance either, but I’ve yet to do a huge 40 knot day with it.

Ikelos is a beautiful paddle that flows from stroke to stroke smoothly and is more forgiving than the Lendal at a slight compromise in catch.

The Lendal is more appropriate for abuse than the “cored” Ikelos. That goes for any “cored” blade.

I find myself grabbing the Lendal most of the time between the two, so I guess It’s doing something for me…

But I think they are both excellent and it just comes down to you. I, or no one else can make that subjective call for you.

One bit of hype out there that I would dispell is that Lendals are grabby, freaky during stroke transitions. Their compound spoon shape does mean that you have to be more precise about angle, etc., but a decent paddler will adapt in minutes. I like that compromise and at least think I can feel the difference in bite.

Werner fit and finish is sure terrific…


Incorporating Salty’s Comments
For that balance of ruggedness and power you might also want to look into a Nigel Foster Hi-Pro. Find it has more initial bite than the Ikelos but still flows smoothly like my Mitchell Black Magic. Built very tough for a carbon foam core paddle. Been very pleased with mine and the couple I have in my fleet.

See you on the water,


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