Lendal Shafts - quality & other qestions

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Somewhat unexpectedly, I came across what I thought was a decent deal on a set of new MCS bent shaft and Kinetic S blades. I could not resist the what seemed like an even better deal from the same store on a straight shaft so I got that too. These are all in the lightest carbon layup and having had a similar straight shaft in my hands before I know it weights almost nothing and is so small it can fit in a carry on along with the blades (thinking of if/when I get to do a folder skin on frame -;) )

And to the questions. I recalled the thread where Salty posted about the "wrinkles" on the MCS shafts bends being a weak spot and breaking. Or the cracking of the ferule (in another thread).

Just curious - is there anything else to check for? and what constitutes a bad "wrinkle"?


Also, are there any "gotchas" on the straight shaft version to check for while it is still "new"?

I remember almost 2 years ago, when I had a set, I did not like the Lendal bend shaft feel too much, it also seemed heavy-ish, and at the time I preferred the AT's xCeption SL model, which I go used and in need of repair but very cheap (that also played a role in my decision at the time). If the bent shaft still does not feel right this time, look for it in the classifieds section this Spring -;)

But at that time I also was just starting with paddling so I knew a lot less about how to paddle than I do now, so my impressions this time around might be different.

These new blades will probably be used as a light spare that I can actually enjoy using from time to time for a change from my other paddles. And can't beat the 4 piece for travel.

I recall I liked the Kinetic blades a lot but the plastic version was somewhat heavy - hope the CC version is noticeably lighter, especially since this time around I got the smaller "S" size.

And one last question about the heat-shrink-wrap they use to create the indexing. I remember it was only on one half of the shaft and that it did not necessarily feel good in the hand. Any tips for removing it or replacing it with something more to my liking or to a better size/location? Is that just a regular heat-shrink I can buy at an electrician's supply store?


I can’t answer your question, but…

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I too recently purchased a set of Lendal Kinetic 'S' blades (well that is what I was told) and a 210 Vario-lock shaft (straight). I probably really did not need another paddle, but Yes the price tempted me.

I'm curious are your new Kinetic blades are 600 or 650 sq cm in area? The supposed Kinetic 'S' blades I received are also marked 600 and are surprisingly small. In reading the literature that came with the blades and what is currently posted on-line at the Lendal site it indicates that 650 = Kinetic S and the 600 = Kinetic XS. I never knew Lendal made a Kinetic 'XS', but apparently I have one.

I’ll let you know when I get them

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I had both the "S" and the regular a couple of years ago - there was a noticeable difference b/w the bite they offered. At that time I thought that the "S" was too small for me (sorry, do not remember the surface area and I no longer have it). So I went with the regular size.

These days I'm more interested in a smaller surface, but I'd be concerned if mine were "extra small" as I'm not that small -;)

EDIT: Bought these new ones from a paddling store online that had them listed as "S" with blade size 19x50 cm. I hope they know their goods, but now that I look at the Lendal web site, the 700cm is 19x50 and the 650cm ("S") is 650 so I do not really know what I'm getting afterall... On the other hand, the Lendal's site is not 100% error proof either - the bent shaft weight seems to be listed exacty the same as the straight shafts and I know they two are not equally heavy (or at least did not feel that way in the hand), so I do not trust them fully on the specs.

It appears it is marked "S" on the package as much as I can tell from the photo online...Will let you know when I get them - they are somewhere in the mail and I may have them this weekend or early next week. I too did not know "XS" existed...

These are efficient paddles for forward stroke and the larger size can be overwelming on longer trips. But a blade too small has disadvantages too. I guess I'll just need to try them and see how they feel. On my wing paddle I went down a size to the small-mid and that feels more suited to my paddling than the mid, but I can see myself using either size depending on what I'm doing with them...

Size of "S"
Got them today - mine are the “S” and they say 650cm on the label. So, if yours are 600, they indeed may be the “XS”.

Comparing back to back to my Epic Small-Mid Wing paddle, mine actually have about the same area if not a touch more visually although Epic lists the small-mid at 735cm. May be because the wing has a curvature and the Kinetics are flat…

Got the blades & bent shaft today (still waiting for the straight shaft).

Quality seems fine, though the bent shaft is apparently done by wrapping a thin strip of carbon with some overlap, so it is never quite smooth - you can see the spirals. The bends are a touch more wavy than the rest - the dreaded “wrinkles” on a small scale I think. The “put it together and try to break it” test however passed OK - no squeaks or cracks and the whole thing has a nice give/springiness to it.

As for the blades - no blemishes - they look fine. But I guess the design is such that they make the last few inches of the tip thicker layup. So these are notably tip heavy - have more swing weight than my Epic cmall mid that is about the same weight (in the heaviest Epic layup!).

Only one small complaint - the slot for the feathering at the ferule is about 0.5 to 1mm too short. So I can almost get 0 feather but not quite. I’ll probably have to take the dremel tool out if that turns out to be noticeable on the water.

I have no idea where these are made. On the paper label it says Johnson with someone’s initials. On the blades there is the usual made in Scotland paddled worldwide or whatever it was…

Last observation. Like with the Werners, the bends seem to be about a fist too close together for my liking. I don’t know if I will get used to that or will go back to a straight shaft so I can put my hands farther apart. The problem is not so much that my fists are too close (that is not an issue when paddling longer distances), but that my fists are too far from the blade neck. At a rough glance - about a fist farther away compared to where I keep them on my Epic wing. I suspect these Kinetics are made for a low to mid angle paddling rather than for very high-angle…


I just sent you an email via p.net.

First use of the Lendal yesterday
Just a quick follow-up. Although I was hoping to do that sooner, I only managed to get my new Lendal Kinetik blades wet yesterday for a first time. Conditions were good for a test with 15-20 knot winds with gusts up to 29 knots per the station where I paddled. Not enough fetch so waves were small - nothing more than a foot/foot and a half but with the wind it was still entertaining -:wink:

Anyway, I thought the 650 cm square blades have plenty of power. I think you should try the 600 on a long outing to see if how they feel to you before you decide if you want to replace them with the larger blade. I thought that the 650 would be more than sufficent for active paddling and probably even too much for extended touring. The blades have good immediate grip not unlike my wing paddle compared to the softer and not as planted feel of my greenland paddle that I alternated with.